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What is Religion?

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  • What is Religion?

    For Hindus - Is it the hundreds of festivals with all its rituals which we celebrate each year? Is it going to the temple everyday and paying your obeisance? Is it the rituals we observe during birth, mundan, thread ceremony, marriage or death? Is it the visit to Badrinath, Kedarnath and other holy dhams? Is it the building of temples and dharamshalas or giving alms during an eclipse?
    For Muslims - Is it the circumcision ceremony, or reciting the Quoran daily, saying your namaaz five times a day or cutting meat the halal way or beating your breast and back with chains or greeting each one on EID after eating a good meal of Sewai? Is it the visit to the masjid every Friday or to Mecca and Medina once in a life time and becoming a Haji? Is it the action of a suicide bomber who kills hundreds of people and himself in the hope he will go to jannat in the next life?
    For Christians - Is it the going to Church on Sundays and other auspicious days, celebrating Easter, Good Friday or Christmas? Is it the baptism of children and sprinkling of holy water or taking the communion?
    Is it to visit the birth place of Christ in Jerusalem or the Holy city of The Vatican and kissing the hand of the Pope?
    For Sikhs - Is it the going to the Gurdwara and reciting the Gurubani and conducting Langars?
    For Atheists - Is it the negation of all the above?
    Why is it that although all believe in the one God, yet trying to convert by force or enticement people of other religions into their own religion?
    Why is it that people try to reconvert the converted back into their religion - gharwapasi?
    Why is it that people cannot keep their own flock together by their own mistreatment of certain sections of society?
    Why is it that people murder their near and dear ones in the name of "gothra" of some rishis who lived thousands of years ago and whose blood has been diluted in your system to such an extent that it makes no difference, whom you marry?
    Do we need the crutches of religion, any religion, to embark on the spiritual path?
    Are you then branded as atheist?
    An atheist is one who does not believe in the existence of God but to be on the spiritual path you believe in the existence of God, Allah, Brahman but do not need the crutches of religion.
    He may have been born to parents of any religion but does not follow the rituals of that religion or if he does follow, it is to just for the satisfaction of his parents or his spouse.
    In his heart he knows he does not have to perform any of the rituals.