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Here is why Indian Diaspora is Largest in the World!

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  • Here is why Indian Diaspora is Largest in the World!

    People are familiar with communities but not too many people are familiar with the term 'diaspora,' even though it means the same. The term "diaspora" has originated from Greek meaning "scattering of seeds".

    During the colonial times, Indians were told that they are to be taken to a holy place and brought as indentured laborers to countries such as Mauritius, Trinidad Tobago, Suriname, Caribbean, Fiji, South Africa to work in plantations, railway constructions, or to serve as soldiers in the imperial military, by the Portuguese, Dutch, French and English colonizers.

    Apart from that, in the 1960s Indian doctors had also emigrated to Britain but today Indians constitute the largest diaspora of 16 million scattered across different countries, next to Indians are the Mexicans.

    India's brain drain can be historically traced back to several events occurring in the later half of the 20th century such as establishment of Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) under Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru.

    The pioneering Bengali businessman, industrialist and entrepreneur Nalini Ranjan Sarkar, a member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council before Independence, was appointed chairman of a 22-member committee that came out with the recommendation in 1946 for the establishment of “higher technical institutions in the eastern, western, northern and southern regions of the country along the model of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology”. However setting up of IITs wasn't accompanied by setting up of high tech jobs to absorb the youth passing out of these institutions. And the unexpected outcome of this was that it caused brain drain.

    The oil boom of 1970s in the Middle East, had also also caused Indians to emigrate to the Gulf countries. In the 1990s with the boom of IT in US elsewhere, another wave Indians emigrated to US.