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Some amazing facts about Indian diaspora in Martinique!

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  • Some amazing facts about Indian diaspora in Martinique!

    • In France, Martinique is one of the 18 regions and is located in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It is also an integral part of French Republic and has an approximate population of 400,000 inhabitants.
    • The official language of the area is French.
    • Contact labourers were brought to French colonies from India in the 19th century. During 1848, there was a lack of labour force and this seemed to be the suitable option. Therefore, more than 200,000 Indians were even brought to West Indies.
    • 314 labourers landed for the first time at Saint Pierre in Martinique. The indentured labourers were mainly from French occupied territories in south Asia such as Pondicherry, Chandnagore, Mahe and Karaikal. Some of them were also from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
    • Most of the labourers brought to Martinique were in the age group of 15 to 30 and the sex ratio was 40:100 (i.e. 40 women per 100 men).
    • As a part of family transportation, Children were also transported.
    • Indians were brought in the region to work on plantations with the promise that they will be back in India after their 5-year contract. However, that promise was never fulfilled. Some managed to return to their homelands while others stayed and became French citizens.
    • Currently, 3rd and 4th generations of these Indians are living in Saint Pierre. The place where the first 314 Indians landed back in 1848 was renamed as Place de I’Aurelie but the biggest part of the Indian community lived in Saint Pierre.
    To know more watch this video:​