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    Those of you love music must have heard of great Santoor palyer Pandit Bhajan Sopori. The history of Santoor is incomplete without Pandit Sopori. In a discussion with us, he reminded his US visits...

    ''Few years ago, I had a program in California, an old man named Mr. Hardose came to receive me at airport. We moved towards hotel. I thought he must be an American. He asked me, would you like to drink tea in my house, it is on our way...

    I was very surprised. I said, 'Hey, you are from India. I thought you must be from America or elsewhere. Your name also sounds like that.' He said, 'No, my name was Hardeep Singh Tosse, my wife couldn't pronounce it, so we changed the name to Hardose.' I laughed and said, 'because of your name it sounds like you are from somewhere else.'

    However, we went to his house. His hospitality was great, I saw some of his photographs, he married to an American and children were like their mother. He said, 'I came here at the age of 25 and today I am 88 years old, I earned a lot of money but today, I do not know where I am from? By taking Indian artists from airport to hotel like you, I feel like I am an Indian. Or when, I see the body burns after death. Being an Indian, it seems that even after my death, it will be burnt.' His tears were flowing continuously.

    What is the use of wealth? Because it was happening to him. Since the kids were onto mother, that's why activities and lifestyle were similar. Kids were also married and he had Grandchildren as well. They have nothing to do with Punjab, but Punjab was there in the memories of Hardose. So what is the use of wealth? And he was saying, 'I have wealth, but what is the use of it! I would have felt this before and I felt it, but by then it was too late.'

    We think it's okay with the people just went by. Up to 50 percent of Indianness faded in second generation and nothing remains in the third generation. That is why, I say that no one shall become Hardose, it is very important to live with your culture."