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Holi is called Phagwah in West Indies

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  • Holi is called Phagwah in West Indies

    Tomorrow (March 24,2016) is the festival of colors, popularly called Holi.
    There is a vibrant (East) Indian community in the West Indies, mainly Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Jamaica and Suriname (for convenience, I have included South American nations like Suriname in this category, as Guyana and Suriname are not strictly Caribbean countries). However, geographical proximity puts them as in proximity. The Indo-Caribbean communities derive their roots from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar of India.
    Indo-Caribbean communities popularly call Holi as Phagwah.
    There is also a significant population of Indo-Caribbeans in USA, mainly New York, NJ and Florida.
    Happy Phagwah!