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Taking a look into the core: Indo-Caribbean Alliance (New York)

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  • Taking a look into the core: Indo-Caribbean Alliance (New York)

    Indo-Caribbean Alliance (ICA) is a USA-based organization representing Indo-Caribbean communities (from countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Jamiaca, etc).

    Apart from learning about the astonishing fact that the ‘Roti and Rum’ business continued to touch new heights despite of the prevailing economic depression, I also came across an organization known as Indo-Caribbean Alliance. And my findings revealed that they have done an immense amount of work towards uplifting the community and working hard to inject the various problems and situations of its members into the national discourse.

    Therefore, in an attempt to better understand about the community and the organization which has been carving a niche for itself in the city of New York, I decided to interview Mr. Kenrick Ross, who is the present Executive director of ICA.

    The interview concluded in some very interesting discoveries for me, personally, which I think, will also make my readers receive valuable information along with making their erudite grow, like mine.

    So, towards gaining new and interesting knowledge, we move ahead to the main content. Here is the link to Interview:
    By Annesha Das Gupta Earlier, while researching about the origins of the Indo-Caribbean people, I came across the fact that the group which first sailed from the shores of the Bay of Bengal landed across the various Caribbean islands and merged their cultures and themselves into the terrains of a totally different continent. This later