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    Friends, We are working with a campaign i.e. #Mitti_kiKhusboo for our NRI/PIO brothers. The reason behind starting this campaign is;

    If you are wondering that "connecting you to your roots" is a mere punchline being used by us as its a tall order to ask, then let us explain our motivation. With our specialized media skill-set why are we thinking of "connecting you to your roots"? Why do we want to bring back your somewhat suppressed memories of days of reality you lived in your town, village or colony?

    Reality is that we too are uprooted plants transported to alient setup, like you. You have gone to another country and become NRI, while we became outsider in our own country. We often visit our hometowns and villages, mix with old friends, see and feel the changes happening to these places, good and bad. This inevitably causes us to question of compulsion of us staying away.

    Do you know who comes to our rescue from pangs of this separation? It's you, yes, its thoughts about you, your too being separated, you too feeling similar pain, you too being lonely amidst the crowd of foreign shores consoles us that we are not the only ones. We see that you too like us living amidst all the happiness, dont want to go to that backdoor in memory which leads to the childhood dreams and aspirations of young days where a different reality exists.

    It is but natural that in our lone moments away from roots we too are living and experiencing same angst as you. Our healing happens by sharing, knowing that we are not alone and finally keeping in touch ( not suppressing) with ground realities and dreams. Even when you are out of country, we will take you to these nooks and corners. We will bring the 'home' to you which you miss living in your 'home away from home'.

    We had been discussing this time and again with our NRI friends. The conclusion has been to start this campaign through social media. This will make an NRI stay connected with that sweet smell of childhood memories of precious moments and darling places.
    For connecting this campaign, kindly post your thoughts about India on social media with #Mitti_kiKhusboo.