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The Roma (Romani or Gypsies) and their culture

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  • The Roma (Romani or Gypsies) and their culture

    A rarely discussed historical and cultural view of the Romani people. Their world is much more colorful than we presume. Here is an article that I had penned down a few weeks back on Roma people.
    You have heard of them. You have formed an opinion of your very own about them. Then you forgot them.
    To you, they are the nomads, the ‘Gypsies’. They are in numerous tales ‘deceiving’ people, holder of amazing powers a tribe of mystic beings.
    Aren’t they, though? Well, not.
    They are actually known as the Roma or Romani. And no, they are not what the larger part of the world has made of them. They are people just like you and I, they have a history that remained unwritten for centuries, their cultures ignored and their agonies, forgotten.

    To read more, here is the link to the full article at NewsGram: